CAE Consulting and CAE Simulation Services

FunctionBay´s Professional Engineering Team offers the following services:

• CAE consulting projects and analysis services for fully integrated multi-discipline CAE simulations

• Planning, continuous monitoring and optimization of CAE software introduction processes

• Process capture and automation of repetitive simulation tasks (software customization)

• Development, deployment and coaching of best practices for customer specific applications

• Onsite engineering to augment customers staff for “hot–projects”

• Complete product design support including full scale engineering service and know-how transfer Training and Education

• Customized seminars including “training on the job - based on your CAD model” / workshops Key Benefits

• Get initial results faster for dynamic and kinematic simulations 

• Establish best modeling practices

• Reinforce general training


Simulation and Engineering Expertise Industries

• Automotive

• Aerospace

• Machinery

• Electro mechanical

• Simulation Techniques

• Contact/Impact Modeling

• Flexible Body Simulation

• Tracked Vehicle Analysis

• Media Transport Simulation

• Belt Simulation / Pulley Simulation

• Chain Simulation / Sprocket Simulation

• Rotational Dynamics Best Practices

• Simulation Data Management

• Parametric Simulation

• Design of Experiments (DOE)

• System level Optimization

• Process Re-engineering

If you need a Multibody Dynamics Simulation, Finite Element Analysis please don´t hesitate to contact us. 


Dynamische Mehrkörpersimulation, Mehrkörpersimulationssoftware, Dienstleistung für Mehrkörpersimulation


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